Private Apartment, Trellick Tower, London



The apartment is located on the 21st floor of the Trellick Tower in London, a 31 - floor high rise building of the architect Ernő Goldfinger, built 1968 - 1972. 

Built as a social housing flat and later transformed as an owner-occupied dwelling, the apartment was bought by the client and transformed by BUCHHOLZBERLIN and PETER HEIMER for the private needs of the client.

Interior concept

Within the framework of the strict preservation requirements the spatial plan of the apartment has been reorganized, walls and surfaces have been removed and functions of rooms have been changed.
The organization of the spatial functions was made dependent on the position of the sun during
a day. The apartment is illuminated from three sides by wall-sized swinging windows and complemented by a very large balcony.
The concept was a clarification of the space program, a spatial interpretation of the window
views, a material reduction to raw concrete, oak and raw metal.

The concrete walls were exposed as the main characteristic element of the house.
A lighting and furnishing concept was developed for all rooms.
For a balanced light quality in the whole apartment, the rooms are illuminated by site specific ceiling light bars, made of raw aluminium, dimmable.
The built-in furniture of oak in a continuous height are designed to give each room its benefit and offer comfortable viewing situations through the windows over the cityscape from different zones of the apartment. They also hide all electric radiators and water pipes.

The center piece is a multifunctional furniture sculpture, made of oak with 2 identical sides. As a reference to a piece of furniture in the own apartment of Goldfinger,
it serves as a sideboard in the entrance hall and in the living room. It`s dark grey mirror brings the impression of the city horizon into the apartment`s center.

The central kitchen block also serves as a dining area, with a view over the balcony and the city horizon.
In the studiolo a workstation allows a further view over the city. The work place is a reminiscent
of the work place in the studiolo of Curzio Malaparte on Capri.
The daybed for guests can disappear in the shelf, as a reference to Perriand`s holiday home.
In addition to the ceiling lights, wall lights in the entrance hall are designed from raw stainless steel as further formal reference to Goldfinger`s lamps in his interior projects.

Realization   2020 - 2022

Floor area    86 sqm

Interior/ Light Design   BUCHHOLZBERLIN and PETER HEIMER

Photos         Heiko Prigge